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MAPs on Twitter

Recently, Twitter locked or suspended accounts belonging to Minor Attracted People; the timing coincided with a ridiculous article in The Sun, UK edition, about pedophiles on Twitter. The Sun is the sort of publication that, daily, has several articles with the term in the title.

Sensationalism doesn’t prevent abuse.

Last Friday, I signed my name to a letter to Twitter. You can read it on Jeremy Malcolm’s Medium blog, Experts, Police, and Vigilantes Face Off Over Pedophiles on Twitter  

Today, The Prevention Podcast interviewed Ender, one of the MAPs who was suspended from Twitter. You can listen to the podcast here.

Here’s the thing: most people become aware of their sexuality somewhere around puberty (approximately ages 10-14). This is about the time we start giving our children a bit of freedom in the world–to walk to school without us, to spend some time on the internet. This is the period when parents whisper furtive prayers that their child will be all right. We hope they’ll find good role models and good people to hang around with.

Twitter removed the good role models from their site. This reduces the chance of a young MAP meeting the likes of Ender before they decide to search for child pornography, before they meet a pro-contact pedophile.

It’s estimated that less than 20% of sexual crimes are committed by Minor Attracted People. That means that almost 20% of sexual offenses can be prevented.

I have yet to meet a person, no matter how heinous, upon whom I would wish sexual assault. In order to prevent abuse, we have to talk about it.

Reverting to Ludditism

Having decided to do the self-publishing thing and forever live within the four walls of my high tower, I have recently signed myself up for Myspace and Twitter.


Then I had to link them.

*two or three sighs*

I like Facebook because it’s blatantly in-your-face about the things you can do with it.  I like the passive attitude it allows me to take: do I feel like being friends with this person or not?  Do I want to join this group?  Maybe I’ll just let these things sit in the sidebar for another week before I give them any serious contemplation.

I don’t like Myspace.  Think I might get rid of it.  It seems to lack the finesse of Facebook, and actually requires you to have a social life before you use it.  If I had a social life, I wouldn’t need Myspace.

Twitter promises to be fun.  I like being able to tell people what to do in one line; very efficient; wonder if I can get my kids and my sisters to join Twitter….

I remember the battle I had with my parents when they wanted me to leave the Dark Ages and get a tape deck rather than just listening to records.  Eventually, they bribed me with my own little ghetto blaster (guess that would have made it a “ghetto vibrator”) and a cassette of Stan Rogers’ From Fresh Water.  They also gave me one of Queen’s albums on cassette, but I already had all those on vinyl and saw no need to be dragged into unnecessary use of modern technology.

Now, I spend my days on a computer, can do some awesome things with a Powerpoint slide, and am attempting to peddle my literary wares on the Interwebz.

Dear Mr. Ludd is just spinning, I’m sure.