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Slowly, But Surely

This Varsity article was written by a kid I used to know–who, obviously, is no longer a kid. (Incidentally, his mind was never that of a kid, even when his elementary-school-aged body was tearing around the church graveyard like a crazed chicken. I’m still enjoying the duality.)

Slowly, but surely

During the toughest of times, a student works to rebuild his faith in the kindness of friends and the world around him

By Stephen Warner


My Head Is Very Full

Activity Being Procrastinated: getting dressed (yes, it’s noon: I work from home)
Music In My Head: Nothing.  Iron and Wine’s The Creek Drank The Cradle cd is playing.
Tea: mixed berry and pink lemonade
Books Being Read: The Lesbian Triptych – Jovette Marchessault

My 18-year-old son is refusing to make any move towards his future.  My 16-year-old daughter had me up at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning so we could go to the university fair in Toronto to see who had good concurrent education/English/drama programmes.

My ex is arguing that our son needs to think about making a decent living.  I’m arguing that the child was homeschooled for a reason, and that it will be good as long as he can feed himself and put a roof over his own head and is happy in his work.

One of the parents in China is bullying my teachers because she wants the teachers to make her son work harder.  The parents of a Grade 7 Canadian student are making excuses for him not having his homework done and not writing in cursive.

My fluent Chinese ESL class made me explain what “fugly” meant.  A Grade 12 Canadian student is reading Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and had to have “date rape” explained to her (we haven’t even made it to the sex scenes yet).

I sit in my chair, listening to calming music, and gaining a new understanding of people who own weapons.

Sorrows of a Sailor

I frequently feel like I’m stuck between two worlds: hearing and deaf; mother and writer; sanity and insanity, etc.  Then I realise I’m not stuck.  This is just where I am.  This song has been in my head for the last three days:

Dichotomy is good, right?

If I have to listen to Stan Rogers (Garnet is so much better), I choose this song.  I understand the lyrics, although I think the ending is much too pat; either Stan was playing us, or I just know a lot of people who can never make a firm decision as to which aspect of their personality will be allowed to win out.