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Dear Fellow White People: TRC Teaching

My provincial government is a bunch of jerks. (Click here for details.)

Now, I work with students who don’t really like to read, but here’s my (unofficial, completely unsupervised) TRC curriculum:

For starters (non-threatening graphic novels for those who don’t read “school books”):

Short stories:

Novels (for speculative fiction fans, sports fans and feminists, respectively):

Play (just one, because my students don’t like plays but they like Emily):

Poetry (the first one is very popular with the science crowd):



Dear Fellow White People II

Yet another Canadian white person has been found “not guilty” of murdering a member of Canada’s First Nations.

Let’s stop pretending.

When it becomes fairly clear that an Indigenous person has been murdered by a white person, why don’t we just take the money we’d spend on kangaroo court and give it to the grieving family?

“I’m sorry, but it looks like your child was murdered by someone we don’t like to convict. Here’s the money it would cost for the rest of the investigation and a three-week murder trial.”

As this would happen in approximately 68% of cases, it would clear our court systems and give the family some money to spend on something useful—say, clean drinking water.

Dear Fellow White People

Forty-eight hours before writing this, I read that a man had been declared not-guilty in a point-blank handgun shooting. The victim, shot in the back of the head, died at the scene.

I live in Canada. I don’t see how this verdict is possible. According to our laws, the minimum verdict could only have been manslaughter.

Sitting here, on land which is part of a treaty that is being upheld by only one party, what can I do?

I can learn. I can read books and social media, watch films and TV programmes. I don’t have to continue living the way I’m told to live, just because of my skin colour. I don’t have to remain ignorant, subscribe to prejudice or have blind faith in my justice system.

Though family, friends and neighbours might shun me, I can follow my conscience. Though my ancestors may have contributed to colonisation and prejudice, I don’t have to remain submissive to utter bullshit.