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Chicken Soul Soup: Life Sucked

In which a student is forced, by the most draconian means (“Read this for next week.”), to read Anne Carson’s Antigonick.



Chicken Soul Soup: Modern Poets

Me: Your homework was to find a poem you like–seeing as you’re being rather persnickety about poems.

Student: I found one. It’s Ben Jonson’s A Fit of Rhyme against Rhyme.

Me: Good choice. So, tell me about Ben Jonson.

Student: He’s a modern poet. I can tell ’cause he’s good. Not like that J. Alfred Prufrock guy.

Chicken Soul Soup: Wrong Word, Kid

In which a student confuses words and evokes Harlequin fantasy.

“The law [Bill C-16] does not consider the majority as women tend to feel somewhat venerable when a biologically-male person barges into their change-room.”

Chicken Soul Soup: WTF Colonialism in Literature

In which there is a local school that requires an updated perspective of their job, and it really has been one of those weeks….

Student: I need help with this essay. In Native English Lit class, which is taught by some white guy who says it’s still okay for us to read Joseph Boyden’s books in class, I have to write about post-colonialism in Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters. But the teacher didn’t teach us anything about post-colonialism–and I’m not white!


Chicken Soul Soup: Best Effort

In which the reader learns what kind of a week Sheila is having.

Me to student: If you’re going to cheat, at least put the effort into cheating well.

Chicken Soul Soup: Troll Commas

In which the comma saga continues.

Student: Of course I abused the commas! They sent me threatening messages and said they were going to beat me up! I could either delete them all or abuse them. Those were the only choices they left me!

Chicken Soul Soup: The Comma Fairy

In which the sarcastic remark is flung aside in favour of punctuation rights.

Student: I am not sprinkling the commas randomly like glitter! I’m not that kind of fairy. I’m setting the commas free from the prisons you put them in. I’m liberating trapped commas!

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