Dear Fellow White People

Forty-eight hours before writing this, I read that a man had been declared not-guilty in a point-blank handgun shooting. The victim, shot in the back of the head, died at the scene.

I live in Canada. I don’t see how this verdict is possible. According to our laws, the minimum verdict could only have been manslaughter.

Sitting here, on land which is part of a treaty that is being upheld by only one party, what can I do?

I can learn. I can read books and social media, watch films and TV programmes. I don’t have to continue living the way I’m told to live, just because of my skin colour. I don’t have to remain ignorant, subscribe to prejudice or have blind faith in my justice system.

Though family, friends and neighbours might shun me, I can follow my conscience. Though my ancestors may have contributed to colonisation and prejudice, I don’t have to remain submissive to utter bullshit.

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