The Forgotten Words of Childhood

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They grow up so fast….

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I was wandering through the library today for English lesson today, and I saw this book called “The Child That Books Built” by Francis Spufford. I flipped through it, and something in it made me have goosebumps to stand on my back.

It was sort of those moments that made me think about my childhood. My mom loved books, and we used to have a room dedicated to books. I loved reading about the grim brother’s stories, and tons of other fairy tales. I have gone through one of the hardest times in my life by reading books after books. Savoring the taste of the first book and diving into the second one without any waste of time.

The book starts off with, ” I can always tell when you’re reading somewhere in the house,” my mother used to say. “There’s a special silence, a reading silence.” I never heard…

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2 responses to “The Forgotten Words of Childhood

  1. Your blogs always stir some long forgotten memory.

    Memories of reading as a child

    When I was growing up I was an avid reader. My family consisting of Mum, Dad and three sisters, we lived in a small terraced house. The living room had a fireplace with a fender round it which had, at each end a brass bound box which had coal in it.

    I would sit on the coal box and be transported to another world with R.M. Ballentines The Coral Sea. Oh how I longed to be the beach bum who lived by what washed up on shore and slept under a palm tree.

    I read all of Enid Blyton’s books although I can’t remember any of them and of course Arther Ransome’s Swallows and Amazans. Much later I graduated to Dickens, Chesterfields Father Brown , J.B Priestly’s Angel Pavement, Arnold Bennetts The five towns and A.J.Cronins wonderful stories.

    However the memories of the coalbox books , where I was transported to distant realms while oblivious of my surroundings of three annoying sisters, and a mother preparing supper, admonishing me for sitting to close to the fire that I would get chilblains, remains with me still.


    I got me a cat and we are best mates although she is eating me out of house and home.

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  2. My students are pretty cool, aren’t they.

    I loved this part: “I have forgotten how the syllables rolls off your tongue and the savory taste of it afterward, the simple fulfilled happiness of just saying them.”


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