Why I’m Supporting Part of the Most Hated Group in Society

I am not a pedophile. I have no sexual attraction to children. I defend pedophilia as an orientation. I support non-offending pedophiles, and I will support offenders who choose to begin a non-offending lifestyle. I do not support the lowering of any age-of-consent, and I do not support pro-contact pedophiles.

There are three reasons why I’m doing this:

1. Preventing child sexual abuse
Our current system for protecting children puts the burden on the children. This seems—well, stupid. I fully agree that we should be educating our children about “good touch” and “bad touch”, and about sexuality in general, but we’re assuming a four-year-old can fend off an adult. (Even a teenager will have problems denying consent to an adult.) We tell the children to report someone who has made them feel uncomfortable or touched them, which means the child has to be violated before we take action.
By supporting the anti-contact pedophile community, we take the burden off the children.

2. These are humans, not monsters
I know this point doesn’t go over very well with non-allies, but pedophiles are humans. They know they’re part of the most despised group of humans: they feel the guilt, shame and isolation society wants them to feel. Their rates of self-harm and suicide are astoundingly high.
People find comfort wherever they can. If family, friends and the community don’t offer support, an affectionate hug from a child might seem like consent when one is desperate for positive attention.
I want pedophiles to feel positive support for choosing the non-offending path.

3. Fixing the language
The terms pedophile and pedo are thrown around as general insults.
Society used to allow homophobic and racial slurs, too, but we realise that’s hurting a lot of people, so we stopped.
If someone is not a pedophile, it’s useless to apply the term to them. If you don’t like their looks, their politics, their sexuality, that has nothing to do with pedophilia.
A pedophile is not the same as a child molester.
If we don’t use the proper language, we can’t communicate with each other.


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