The Sounds of Silence

Regarding the UBC problem that is said to be Steven Galloway (but seems to be much more than that):

The facts:

  1. November 18, 2015, UBC removed Steven Galloway from his position. The police had been involved in whatever caused this.
  2. June 22, 2016, UBC announced that Steven Galloway would not be returning to his position.

Those are the facts–all of them. Everything else involves hearsay, guessing and pseudonyms.

The problem, as I see it from my reclusive bubble, has nothing to do with Steven Galloway or the victims: the problem is the silence.

UBC is saying nothing.

Steven Galloway is not allowed to say anything.

The people Steven Galloway appears to have hurt in one way or another are not allowed to say anything.

(Joseph Boyden was dismissed from briarpatch Magazine for speaking: they think he should be silent, too.)

Apparently, this silence is to aid in an investigation. I don’t see it: how can a proper investigation be held if no one is allowed to say anything? How will any investigation be worthwhile if the whole of Canada is left to make an uninformed decision and choose a side? (Yes, people will choose sides: that’s part of being human. Much as we would like to think everyone will just wait on the wooden bench while The Big People do their work, it just doesn’t work like that.) Why does everyone have to be quiet? Will the investigation fail if it receives new information in the midst of it?

I am reminded of being a child, having adults (particularly men–no, not my father) tell me that it was not my turn to speak and they would tell me when it was my turn.

The enforced silence has nothing to do with any writers’ abilities or crimes committed against victims. It’s a power trip; it’s an attempt to save face, to keep the most people on the right team.



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