Activity Being Avoided: …I forget
Music In My Head: Polyhymnia – Keaton Henson
Tea Being Drunk: still wired on Barry’s from this morning
Book Being Read: Diamond Grill — Fred Wah

I have a lot of dietary restrictions and food allergies; add that to the choice to be vegetarian, and it can make it difficult to eat, especially in restaurants. People often narrow their eyes and phrase it thusly: “What do you eat?” Recently one person (the bouncy, happy sort) bleated, “You must have lots of great recipes!”


The person then inquired, “What’s your favourite recipe?”

Here you go:


• cornflakes (1 cup, they say, is a serving size; I was going to say this sounds a little skimpy, but it turns out that’s approximately what I put in The Bowl.)
• brown sugar (white sugar is plebeian and has no grit)
• lactose-free milk (skim or 1% on a regular day; full-fat with a dash of lactose-free cream on a truly sucky day)

Possible Additions:
• sliced banana
• a few large strawberries, sliced—if it’s a day when strawberries can be handled

• Replace the cornflakes with 1 cup of cooked oatmeal. Feel good about cholesterol and embrace one’s Scottish heritage—or sing Corries’ songs between bites.
• Replace the cornflakes with puffed rice. Ignore all comments about the diet of maggots.

Goes Well With:
• whining: There’s nothing to eat…
• attitude: You can’t make me cook, damn it.
• general self-pity: No body loves me and it’s unethical to eat worms.
• tepid lactose-free cocoa


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