A Day in the Life

Activity Being Avoided: Take your pick. The list is endless.
Music In My Head: 10 000 Words–The Avett Brothers (still)
Tea Being Drunk: decaf Typhoo
Book Being ReadPatience and Sarah–Isabel Miller


I practically live at the library. I’m there six days a week: five for tutoring and one for volunteering. The sights and sounds of the library are entirely familiar to me. The computer fans hum and paper shuffles, and the kids in the basement get a little too loud so the rest of the library gets a little louder, and then there’s the shushing from the librarians, and there are groans from people whose work isn’t going very well. I love the people snoozing, the people sitting very close to strangers because the strangers are reading the current edition of the newspaper, small children reciting Green Eggs and Ham long before they’re able to read, teenagers gathered around one computer to see the “sweet feat” on YouTube. The things on the tables are also familiar, as library sessions inevitably involve food, drink and kleenexes, as well as books. For me, the library is almost as comfortable as home.

Today, I had a surprise at the library. It was an asparagus tip.

I must confess I have never considered the existence of asparagus within the context of the library.

The asparagus was at the edge of a large table, so I just let it do its thing. We didn’t need the space it was taking up.

My student took forever to write four sentences. I was left to sit and wait, and wait… and wait. I contemplated the asparagus.

It was drying out a bit, so the tip curled saucily, as if it were flipping me the bird. That made it difficult to befriend the asparagus, and I felt I had to keep a certain distance between us. I couldn’t even name it. So now I’m left thinking about The Mississauga Central Library Asparagus.


This is the asparagus tip. Maybe it’s a reincarnation of Richard Brautigan.

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