As It Was In The Beginning, Is Now And Ever Shall Be

These are headlines from the last month; you can click on them if you like, but the headlines are clear:

Woodstock youth suicides have community seeking answers

5 more Attawapiskat youth attempt suicide in ‘spiralling situation’

Here’s an article from ten years ago:

Global suicide rates among young people aged 15-19

Wanna see some statistics from the last from the last few years?  Here.

Wanna see how things were a long time ago when the Earth was green?

Scan 1

Scan 2 (1)

That was thirty years ago, and people are still “shocked” that it’s an issue.  It will continue to be an issue until we change something in our society–and while I believe the Liberal Party is on the right track, I don’t think restoring Indigenous languages and culture is the answer.

I don’t know what the answer is.  I suspect it might have something to do with talking about sex, drugs, acceptance, etc. and not treating teenagers like they were small children.  I do know that as a society, whatever we think we’ve been doing is not the answer.

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