I’d Like to Be a Cat Today

Activity Being Avoided: lunch
Music In My HeadTwo-Headed Boy — Neutral Milk Hotel
Tea Being Drunk: Barry’s
Book Being ReadJuly Nights and other stories — Jane Eaton Hamilton

The goal of the human soul is conquest, perfection, security, superiority. — Alfred Adler


If humans can’t devise a raccoon-proof garbage container, wouldn’t it be better to devise a container that doesn’t contain the garbage? Wouldn’t it be better to allow the scavengers to help us deal with our man-made garbage problem?


If there are people who don’t define themselves as either of two words, wouldn’t it be easier to make more words (or just scrap the original two words) than to fight about it?Picture1


If the economy isn’t working and people are going hungry, wouldn’t it be better to scrap the whole thing and start again? The economy is man-made; couldn’t it be man-made again?



Maybe it’s a chocolate day.


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