Make Yourselves Useful

Activity Being Avoided: figuring out what to do with that difficult student
Music In My HeadHopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons
Tea Being Drunk: peppermint.  The cheap kind that tastes (almost) like real mint tea.
Book Being ReadCrime and Punishment (emphasis on the “punishment”)

A lot of people have started following this blog: some are likely to be real followers; others seem to be new bloggers who are fiddling around with stuff; others are total spammers.  (To the health nut who thought he could use my comments section to discourage people from eating chocolate: git offa mah blog, please.)  Anyway, my brain has been tied up with reality and hasn’t been creating any readable blogs for you.  To tide you over, have a look as some of these items and see if they do anything for you:

For those of you who are here for the sex stuff (yes, the Psychopathia Sexualis stories are coming but one cannot rush genius), Mike Miksche will give you something to think about.  Or perhaps something to look at.  Or both.



For those of you who are here for the writing stuff, R.M. Ridley‘s new anthology is out.  As it’s short stories, the best form of writing, I have to recommend it even over the novels.


For those of you who are into education, my latest project is compiling a list of modern songs (though I can sometimes pull off classic rock) that will actually help high school students wrap their minds around a literary work.  There are lists here, here and here, but they’re not all songs that fly with my students.  If you have any tried-and-true pairings, let me know.

Apparently, Brad Roberts’ hair is unacceptable to the modern student.  They couldn’t explain why.  I could tell they were thinking things that couldn’t be expressed in public.

For those of you who are here for religion, that’s been put on the side-burner (as I’m sure you’ve noticed) in favour of a history book.  More on that when the important people decide what to do about said book.

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