Five Books I’d Like to Read for the First Time Again

Activity Being Avoided: feeding the cats (dinner time isn’t for half an hour, but they’re dying.  Loudly.  I’m ignoring them)
Music In My Head: Cordova – Indigo Girls
Tea Being Drunk: Blue Eyes (a.k.a. mixed berry)
Book Being Read: House of Daughters – Sarah-Kate Lynch

Little Girl with a Big Pen did this a week ago, and I thought it was an interesting exercise.  The bookshelves were thoroughly cased.  I must admit that it was difficult to choose five because I re-read my loved ones so frequently that the “first time” memories have faded like jeans.

Here’s the list–in alphabetical order because I couldn’t decide which was more worthy than the others.

1. Happy as the Grass Was Green – Merle Good

The inscription inside reminds me that it was a gift from my godmother the year I turned eleven.  I read it right away: there was a hippie on the front cover, and I love(d) hippies.  What I remember about the first reading was the clash between religion and culture, and that was something I was already starting to turn over in my pubescent little mind.  I’d like to see if I still have that initial reaction now that the clash is so commonplace.

2. The Lost Salt Gift of Blood – Alistair MacLeod

Also a gift from my godmother (clearly she’s to blame for my bibliophilia) for my eighteenth birthday.  The writing brought me to my knees.  I went to the University of Windsor so that I could study under one of my literary gods–and, of course, that was a lead balloon.  Regardless, I still love it when the writing is… I can’t think of a suitable adjective, so I’ll use MacLeodian.

3. The Missing Piece – Shel Silverstein

This is not The Missing Piece Meets the Big O: that’s a different book.  This is just the missing piece, all by his lonesome.  I read this as an adult (I was in my early thirties), and it put everything about wallflowers into perspective.  I didn’t mind being such a wallflower after that.  I figure I could use a little perspective every now and then….

4. Rubyfruit Jungle – Rita Mae Brown

I read this in university; I think I was in my third year.  I was shocked by the grapefruit scene.  I’m not shocked by much anymore, and it would be interesting to be shocked again.

5. Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

I don’t remember the first time I read this–or that it was read to me, which is more likely.  I wonder if I actually had a problem with the Wild Things.  The bad witch from the Wizard of Oz scared me, but I don’t remember the Wild Things ever showing up in a nightmare.


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