Chicken Soul Soup: Relevant Society

In which a student (who did not willingly write until she was allowed to use inappropriate words) chooses to express her boredom with the events that are not of her culture nor her era.

My Rant about Fuckin’ Social Studies

Vikings, First Nations, Ancient Greece, who needs all that crap?  We’ve got better histories to learn, like cool cars, phones, combat helicopters.  Teachers think they’ve got us so entertained about social studies, but they’re DEAD WRONG!  We should be learning about future technology.  Parents pay alot of money for us to learn, but so far all we’re getting is bored.  Students don’t give a shit about ancient China’s beliefs.  I don’t even care of what their main ceremonies or traditions were.  Think about cars with wings, invisible dust or something creative from the future.  Something we could plan or even create is way better than how to make a fishing rod out of sticks.  ‘Social’ means people or public society.  Logically, this subject is a lie.  It’s completely not social!  So far the teachers or students that major in this lame subject–you guys suck.  Get lost! — by Kay Tozawa

Chicken Soul Soup

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