What My Students Are Writing

Tutors are not teachers; we are mentors.  Mentors work with whatever the mentored have to offer.  Unlike the poor sots who have to teach the same topic year after year and read thirty-five versions of the same essay year after year, I never have to suffer the same essay twice.  Here are some of the topics of the week:

1) Astatine.  (“Why?” I asked.  “Because I really, really like it when things blow up,” he giggled.)

2)  A weird animal.  One that he made up ’cause he can be even weirder than God, he thinks.

3) Feminist porn

4) Monarchs, supreme leaders, and other despots

5) Creativity and self-confidence

6) Orange boobs (It was supposed to be about a food fight, but the dyslexic mind says “bomb” and “boob” are the same word.  After we discussed the difference, she decided that orange boobs were better than orange bombs.)

7) M Butterfly

And, because I make all my students partake of Sherlock, they understand that their writing style must also entertain me–or else I’ll be yelling “BORED!” in the library.

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