Chicken Soul Soup: Apostrophes

In which one of Sheila’s students expresses their disdain for apostrophes, Sheila learns that not everyone likes properly-used punctuation, and a terrible series of books gets re-titled.

Apostrophes are mundane.  They have only two usages.  Unlike the quotation marks which are way better than the shitty stupid Apostrophes.  Anyway, apostrophes are most commonly used to show possession.  For example Walt Disney’s amusement park.  And the other reason for apostrophes is for contractions when you don’t want to write two separate words you put them together with an apostrophe.  So see there is no reason to have these ugly as f*** pieces of crap lines for only two reasons.  But, anyways, those are the two ways to use an apostrophe. —Anonymous

Chicken Soul Soup

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