Freedom Might Taste of Reality

My last child is heading off to university.  In one week, I’ll be living alone.

I’ve never lived alone.  I went from my parents’ house to residence to student housing (with lots of housemates) to my own family.

“Alone time” has always been a goal–like breathing–but I wonder how much of that was a direct result of constantly having people around me.  Will I need to learn to socialise?  This will certainly be an interesting experiment.

First things first, though: The Swomp is gonna go.  There’s no way I’m leaving the master bedroom as a shrine to my teenagers (although it will be carefully documented before I start slapping on primer).  I have yet to decide exactly how that room is going to be used, but it will be used for my purposes.

Wonder what those are….

Part of me–and I think this is the larger part–is ecstatic about the pending freedom.  FREEDOM!  Everything I do will be dictated by me.  Everything I eat will be dictated by me.

There is the other part–the smaller but heavier part–that is stocking up on kleenex and Rescue Remedy.  While I don’t really want to listen to My Chemical Romance, I might have to do it occasionally just to stay grounded.

One response to “Freedom Might Taste of Reality

  1. How’s that breathing goal coming along?


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