Love Is All You Need? video

According to CBC, a parent has objected to this video being shown to a Grade 7 class.  The man says “At 42 years old, I can hardly stomach the contents”.  Huh.  The people who are harassed and bullied can’t stomach it either: that’s why they commit suicide.  I’m pretty sure the people who have to find the bodies have a hard time stomaching it, too.

This film should be shown several times per year in middle school; it should be shown to 8-year-olds while their parents sit beside them to explain what’s going on.  The younger kids should write stories about what happens to a very short person who grows up in a world of tall people.  Girly-girls should spend a whole day locked in a room with a large group of extremely masculine boys.

Ignorance ≠ innocence.

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