What School is Teaching the Students

All my students, in China and in Canada, are in the thick of exams.  One of my Canadian students — she’s been my “student” for 6 years now, and I learn from her more often than she learns from me — sent me this.

The irony is that this particular student, the one who sent me the video, is extremely bright but not academically inclined.  This past year, she made some decisions about what she wants to do with her life, and has since made an effort to discover what she wants/needs to learn to do those things.  She was going to go to college, mostly to keep her parents quiet, but decided that she wasn’t going to get what she needed from the Ontario colleges.  She just got early acceptance to her first choice university.  I’m proud of her because she’s made herself happy, and that’s what educated people do.

The students are “getting it”.  Why can’t our government and our school board “get it”?

My Chinese students never ask “Why?” I worry about them, a lot.

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