Hypocrisy and All That

Activity Being Avoided: preparing lessons
Music In My Head: nothing — I’m listening to Peter, Paul and Mary
Tea Being Drunk: none — sometimes weird things happen
Book Being Read: The Divinity Gene by Matthew J. Trafford

When my kids were younger, I took them to Remembrance Day ceremonies because I figured they would need to know everything before they made their own decisions.  I’m pleased to say that they no longer attend Remembrance Day ceremonies either.S

At the moment, CBC’s headline is “Remembrance Day Ceremony Recalls ‘Pain and Sorrow’ of War“.  Recalls — as if Canada is not currently involved in any wars.

Ignorance is not innocence.  All these blue dots are where Canadian Forces are right now:

Yeah, I know it’s theoretically all “peace keeping”.  Tell that to the parents who are trying to raise children in those places.

I’m reminded of a poem by Susan Musgrave:

Canadian Roulette

Let’s not invent any more weapons.

Let’s grope in the fog

wearing coarse wool underwear instead.

Let’s be kind to one another

and let’s not write any more hate poetry.

Let’s pretend we’re in love with one another.

You go first.

2 responses to “Hypocrisy and All That

  1. Justine Vanden Heuvel

    Canada’s biggest deployment is in Afghanistan, where they train national security forces to secure the country against the Taliban.
    Darfur – supporting the peacekeeping mission.
    Israel/Syria/Lebanon – supporting the UN truce mission.
    Haiti – supporting the UN stabilization mission.
    It’s pretty hard to argue that these aren’t worthwhile missions, and that the majority of mothers in those areas don’t welcome peacekeeping/humanitarian efforts.
    And the Canadian dots on the map? What about Rogers Pass, BC where they work with Parks Canada to help prevent avalanches from falling on highways and killing drivers? I’m glad they do it!!!


  2. If, in the Global Village, we’re still sending out “peace keeping missions” to other countries, we’re obviously the ignorant ones who are waiting for someone else to go first.

    Let the Canadian Forces supervise snow all they like: that’s a reasonable mission with a purpose.


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