Why They’re Unemployed

Activity Being Avoided: taxes
Music In My Head: Go To The Mirror from Tommy by The Who
Tea Being Drunk: blueberry
Books Being Read: another foetal novel written by a different friend; Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald (re-read)

A friend of mine posted this HR story on Facebook.

I’ve been hiring new teachers.  It’s a good thing I get paid — and paid well — to read resumes and interview people.

It’s not that I expect perfection.  It’s an interview, and the interviewees are human (most of them) so I make allowances for nerves and typos, etc.  But if you’re applying for an ESL teaching position and you tell me you like to “teach something and have it produced back to me”, you will come under suspicion.  If you do your best to assure me that you “don’t allow phone to be done in the classroom”, I will do my best to keep you as far away from my students as possible.

At least I haven’t had to deal with any penises yet.  Not from the teachers, anyway.

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