Making Changes

Activity Being Procrastinated: nothing (for a change)
Music In My Head: Andrew Bird.  He’s the current obsession.
Tea: Casablanka (that would be mixed berries)
Books Being Read: No Margins

Why is Pedlar Press not on Twitter?  I want Pedlar Press to be on Twitter.  If there’s anyone intelligent in this city, it’s the writers from Pedlar.  Someone needs to be feeding me flashes of brilliance several times per day. Please.  (I just “unfollowed” a person who believes that Twitter is a forum for stupid jokes about genitals and for overusing the word f***.  I’m now looking for someone to compensate for his idiocy.)


I have not been part of the Occupy movement.  This is not because I don’t believe in it, but merely a matter of logistics (I don’t see giving up my job and leaving my teenagers to their own devices while I camp out for a while).  Actually, I think it’s a wonderful thing.  People have been complaining that there’s no clear purpose to the movement, but that’s what I like about it.  Sometimes, life just gets to the point where you break down and cry (or drink cheap wine, or eat too much chocolate), and you can’t really say what’s wrong other than “life sucks”.  When small children hit that point, we call it a meltdown.

I like the fact that we can admit to having an economic meltdown.  Everything is wrong, and we don’t know how to fix it, but we’re wailing at the top of our lungs in hope that someone – anyone – will come and help us get things in order.  The wailing (or sleeping in a tent, if one is a respectable adult) has gained the attention of eloquent people such as Michael Stone.  He’s the sort of person who might be able to help the different groups clarify their particular problems.

Once the problems are identified, we can start to solve them.  But it would be unreasonable to expect everyone to sneck up and fly right until they have the problem and the solution worked out.  Human beings don’t work like that.

Of course, once we identify the issues, we need to get on with fixing them.  Sure, the economy has been unsuccessfully changed just once or twice in history, but we are now able to communicate with the entire world.  Surely, with the knowledge gained from history and the wisdom 7 billion people, we can try something that might be better than what we have now… okay, 7 billion people minus one, ’cause you really don’t want me involved in anything requiring numbers.

It’s going to be the 99% who solves the problem, though.  If history has taught us anything, it’s that the peasants with farm tools and rocks are stronger than the aristocracy, that slaves are destined to uprisings, that the oppressed will only stay oppressed for so long.  We just have to get ourselves together and figure out what we’re going to do.  Hopefully, the governments of the world haven’t pushed it to the point where the “getting together” part ends up happening in whispers in the middle of the night; hopefully, mankind has evolved to the point where this can happen in a reasonable manner.

I know.  sigh.  The Bubble….

But it has to work that way.  We are the ones who can trade whenever possible, the ones who can share what we have with people who are in need, the ones who can leave Corporate America and start a small business so we can hire the right person for the job.

My mother sent me this video:

A friend of mine re-posted it on Facebook, along with the disappointing comment “We can only dream.”

No, Miklos, we’re not limited to dreaming.  We can get on our bikes and ride.

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