If I Don’t Have Total Control, I’m Gonna Sulk

Activity Being Procrastinated: prep
Music In My Head: Tradition: Fiddler on the Roof
Tea: calendula and rose
Books Being Read: The Book of the Negro: Lawrence Hill (actually, I just finished it an hour ago and haven’t picked up anything new yet)

The hard copies of Holland and Jaime are not ready, even though we’re getting way past September 1st.  Actually, there are some copies available, but the printers did such a ludicrous job on the printing that I’m gonna have to give the freaking books away.  (And this is after they “fixed” the bad job they did the first time.)

But the last of the electric lime green walls in my apartment have been painted over, and I’m feeling virtuous.  (I’d like two medals, please: one for living with those walls for six years, and another for being so infernally lazy as to live with them for six years.)

One response to “If I Don’t Have Total Control, I’m Gonna Sulk

  1. I give you three. One more for admitting it.


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