And The Larks Got Off On Skateboards

Activity Being Procrastinated: finishing the book dummy for the hard copy of Holland and Jaime
Music In My Head: Cosmic and Freaky – Grit Laskin
Tea: mint
Books Being Read: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – Anne Brontë

One of the nice things about buying used books is getting the “freebies”: the things people use as bookmarks.  Of course, sometimes the freebies are suspect pieces of kleenex, but sometimes they’re really cool.  Last week’s purchase of The Ontario Readers: Third Reader (1885) had a pamphlet in it.

I paid a dollar for it.

The pamphlet is a little thing for a Sparklets Syphon.  You can read the information in your choice of language (English, Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Norse, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish).  For the illiterate, it also has illustrations.  But the illustrations and exotic languages only cover the operation of the syphon, not the titillating options one has.

Should you care to peruse the right-hand column, you’ll see that you have your choice of Sparkloid tablets, Crystaloids or Radon Bulbs.

Yes, radon bulbs.  You, too, can nuke yourself with an excellent source of radon.

Why, do you suppose, are these options only explained in English section?

Darwin was wrong: survival is a matter of sheer dumb luck.

Right.  Back to printing.


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