The Monopoly Game Got Weird… Again.

  • Activity Being Procrastinated: dishes
  • Music In My Head: Going To California – Led Zeppelin
  • Tea: ginger peach
  • Books Being Read: Summit Avenue – Mary Sharratt

My parents were visiting over the holidays.  We had a really nice Boxing Day with them, complete  with tea, food, more tea, more food, and some more tea.  Usually, we take the Old and the Wretched out for walkies, but the Old and the Wretched were too old and wretched yesterday (one had a cold, and the other was still recovering from some respiratory thing), so we had to find other entertainment.

Monopoly, it was.  My daughter loves it because she usually wins; my son loves it because he can cheat.

I’m not much for games – not board games, not sports, not nothin‘.  When I have to play a game, I like the non-competitive ones.  But playing with my family is different ’cause they don’t expect me to be competitive.  They just let me find my little niche, and then they play around me.

One railway trumps three

Boxing Day’s little niche involved not letting my dad get his paws on the B&O Railroad.

Between turns, I’d wave it around in the air, just reminding him that there was no way he’d win.  It worked.  He went from this:

to this:

He was the first one out.

I was the second one out, but at least I held on to that railroad until the end.

My dad still loves me.  He said so.

My son won the game – for the first time in 17 years.  My daughter did not win – for the first time in 15 years.

We’ve actually had a lot of visitors over the holidays: it was one of those years where they all come to visit, and we didn’t have to go anywhere.  My youngest sister and her husband brought my Favourite Big Nephew and my Favourite Niece for a visit on Wednesday.  Apparently, I paid too much attention to the kids, ’cause when she left I found my sister had edited my whiteboard

Why does my son only have to clean his toe jam on Sundays?


dressed my statue









and sent Baby Jesus to bond with the sheep while leaving Mary and Joseph alone with their ovine fetish.

Sing with me: Away in a... pile of sheep...


That was it for the official holiday visitors, so I think I might remove the Christmas tree and the perverse creche today.  I like the initial excitement of the holidays, but I also like everything returning to normal.  My uncle very kindly sent me my grandmother’s teapot (coffee pot, actually, but I don’t think it ever held coffee; I don’t remember her ever drinking coffee, and I do remember her Reverence for Tea), so I think I might fill that up with something good, snuggle it into my Dutch tea cozy, and have a day of puttering.

The Most Awesome Teapot

The Most Awesome Tea Cozy








And yes, my little writers, a day of editing.  Fret not.

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