The End of a Blank Mind

It has been suggested that I give people a hint (warning?) as to where my mind might be when I begin writing a blog.  While I think I like the idea of throwing people in head-first, I’ll do as I’m told.

  • Activity Being Procrastinated: mechanics of grammar
  • Music In My Head: Come Out Ye Black and Tans
  • Flavour Of Tea: blueberry

(Edit: Apparently some people want to know what I’m reading, too.  Fair warning: it’s eclectic, and I’m waaayyy behind the times.

  • Books Being ReadThe Giver – Lois Lowry; Lighthousekeeping – Jeanette Winterson; unpublished novel – the world’s next famous horror/fantasy writer)

It’s been several weeks of straight-up work, which unfortunately doesn’t have the same effect as straight-up gin.  My mind has been utterly blank.  This is a good thing, a friend said, as we usually suffer from an over-cluttered mind.  (I’m paraphrasing, of course.) Obviously, he hasn’t tried it.  Blank minds are worse than whirling minds, worse than anxious minds, worse than any other kind of mind I’ve ever seen.

Blank minds are dull.

In any case, I seem to have a mind again.  I devoured a couple of books over the weekend (Odd and the Frost Giant, and Noah’s Compass), and did some writing of my own.  I talked to people who want to discuss something other than how *boring* this stupid work is.  I did something other than work (and procrastinate work).

We’re all back to normal now.

There was very little to write about at the beginning of December, but I scrawled down a few snippets in my notebook:

  1. If you think it’s cute that your daughter wants to be a boy, and allow your daughter to live as a boy until his body betrays him, don’t expect him to suddenly start living as a girl just because you’re embarrassed by the “boy with breasts”.  And, no, it doesn’t matter how you put it to me, I won’t agree to suggest he start acting “like a girl”.  I’m too old to pit myself against either Nature or Nurture.  And, yes, I’ll refer to him using masculine pronouns until your daughter tells me to do otherwise.
  2. Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the Frost Giants should be required reading in Grade 8.
  3. I miss writing and receiving letters.  E-mail is good, ‘specially when you’re wasting time on the internet and there’s someone else wasting the same time, and you can have a good long discussion. But it’s not the same as a piece of paper in the mail.  I’ve kept most of the letters I’ve received, and it’s nice to read them: it’s like a journal.  This is an art form which is definitely being lost to technology.  I also miss the letter-writing process – sitting down to communicate quietly for an hour.
  4. Writers need to do research before they write.  You may believe it’s the best idea ever! but if you don’t do your research, you’ll never realise that you’re the thousandth person to have that best idea ever! this week.  You may also never realise that your idea was just downright wrong, too.
  5. Trinity Port Credit Church will never change.  Despite being given a really good priest and a good hunk of money, they’re only excited about what the money and the priest can do to improve the building.  Not one of the people told me about any new outreach programmes or community efforts.  I heard a lot about paint and repairs and new stuff, though.  I’m glad I left.
  6. Rock concerts aren’t quite as bad as they appear to be.  Even though you have to stand for hours and you can’t see the performers over the heads of 300 bouncing, sweaty youth, you can watch the audience.  The audience is probably better than the performers, anyway.  Certainly, they’re more “into” the music.  And the younger the audience member, the more entertaining they are.
  7. While I’m very pleased to have a significant number of police and firefighters and paramedics in my community – and believe they deserve monuments, etc. in their honour – I’m equally pleased to have the dudes who take away the garbage and the recycling, and the people who run the local grocery store.  I wouldn’t want to be without them any more than I’d want to be without the emergency people.  Why are there no monuments to the grocers and the garbage workers?
  8. The Bloomsbury Group was the most awesome group ever.  If I die trying, I’ll find myself a Bloomsbury Group.

Okay, so I guess my mind wasn’t completely blank.  Just dull.  Very, very dull.

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