Reverting to Ludditism

Having decided to do the self-publishing thing and forever live within the four walls of my high tower, I have recently signed myself up for Myspace and Twitter.


Then I had to link them.

*two or three sighs*

I like Facebook because it’s blatantly in-your-face about the things you can do with it.  I like the passive attitude it allows me to take: do I feel like being friends with this person or not?  Do I want to join this group?  Maybe I’ll just let these things sit in the sidebar for another week before I give them any serious contemplation.

I don’t like Myspace.  Think I might get rid of it.  It seems to lack the finesse of Facebook, and actually requires you to have a social life before you use it.  If I had a social life, I wouldn’t need Myspace.

Twitter promises to be fun.  I like being able to tell people what to do in one line; very efficient; wonder if I can get my kids and my sisters to join Twitter….

I remember the battle I had with my parents when they wanted me to leave the Dark Ages and get a tape deck rather than just listening to records.  Eventually, they bribed me with my own little ghetto blaster (guess that would have made it a “ghetto vibrator”) and a cassette of Stan Rogers’ From Fresh Water.  They also gave me one of Queen’s albums on cassette, but I already had all those on vinyl and saw no need to be dragged into unnecessary use of modern technology.

Now, I spend my days on a computer, can do some awesome things with a Powerpoint slide, and am attempting to peddle my literary wares on the Interwebz.

Dear Mr. Ludd is just spinning, I’m sure.

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