Ken Robinson Strikes Again

A new video interview with Ken Robinson.  Very cool.

His comment on suicide seems particularly relevant; last week, some people were telling me is was an unusual week at a certain university in New York because there were two suicides.  They were accustomed to only one per week.

Freaked me out.

Spent the morning with the church school kids, setting up coffee hour.  It’s one of their favourite things to do.  Had a couple of issues where, um, standardised motor cars were being made (an 8-year-old boy being told he was not allowed to up the spoons in the coffee cups because that’s not how it’s done; an autistic child being told he had to stack the crackers because we could not have two neon pink plastic platters of rice crackers on the food table).  But, overall, the kids had a good time.  I don’t know why they like doing coffee hour so much, but it’s my job to help them enjoy the spiritual community, not to tell them that chocolate chip cookies are not part of worshiping God.

If I were a god, I’d like to be worshiped with chocolate chip cookies.  And single layers of rice crackers.

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