Bob, the Excellent Guru

Meet Bob.  He’s an Angelwing Begonia.  He’s not supposed to be a tree.  When he sent up his first Really Tall Stalk, I told him that.  He laughed at me and started quoting pertinent parts from Free To Be You And Me.  I took the hint.

A good friend came to visit last week.  She looked at Bob and made some references to the scatological.  She agrees that Bob is noteworthy.

I’ll be tied down by Bob until he dies, ’cause he’s too big to be moved.  He’s also resting a lot of his weight on the window.   He’s pretty easy to take care of, though; I just dump huge quantities of water on him once a week.  Last summer, some little mushrooms grew in the pot with him.  I didn’t ever identify the mushrooms, but Bob didn’t seem to mind sharing his space.  I like the idea of Bob having little friends.  The friends went away when the weather cooled down, but we’re hoping they come back.

This February is not like a typical February; things are going fairly well right now.  Still, it’s nice to have some positive support.  I like looking at Bob first thing in the morning, when I wake up.  This is what I see from my bed:

This picture was taken mid-morning.  My room faces north-east, so I get the morning sun on days when I don’t have to get up before dawn.  Imagine Bob with a platinum halo around him.

It seems the process of getting older is unavoidable.  I like some parts of being an adult, and would gladly trade in others.  Sometimes I can’t wrap my mind around being responsible and making decisions, so I look to Bob for inspiration.  He’s pretty good at preaching insouciance and audacity.  He also makes me think I’m taller than I am (he’s taller than I am but he doesn’t rub it in).

If you like, I’ll slip you some of Bob.  Just be patient and accepting for a couple of years, and you’ll have your very own guru.

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