This Week’s Life Lessons

In no particular order:

Writers become famous when they let go of their inhibitions and start writing about interesting things.  Readers are interested in the things we can’t do every day; they want to read about the taboo.  Look at the Giller list:  not one of them is writing about being a nice person.  Northrop Frye may have had something when he went on for pages about the universal human event.  (This is the only time I will ever admit Frye said anything useful.)

My family runs as a democracy as long as everyone is being democratic.  The minute someone becomes autocratic, I get to take over as the autocrat.  No, this is not a form of dictatorship.  No, you cannot impeach me, regardless of your high grades in Canadian Law class.

Raising my children would have been a whole lot easier if I knew everything I now know.  I had my small niece and nephew over on the weekend; what I wouldn’t give to homeschool them. They’re both brilliant.

Students aren’t learning anything when you force them to study something they aren’t interested in.  I have proof.

Holidays begin a week before the holiday begins.

One man’s insecurities is the ending of another man’s story.  Thank you – you know who you are.

That “do unto others” rule is universal and timeless, and I’m not sure why we bother making a whole lot of other rules.

A germ shared is not a germ halved.  You may be very dear to me, but your germs are messing with my brain and making it hard for me to think.

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