Now that exams are finished…

A student of mine wrote the following paragraph.  I think it’s brilliant.

The play, A Streetcar Named Desire, focuses on how does the main character, Blanche, changes from wealthy lady to a crazy woman. I do not have any comment on this play because I have not had any such experiences before that I can relate to this play. I also believe such thing will also not happen to me in the future. Therefore, this play does not have an impact on my social and moral development.

The setting of this play is in the 40s; at that time, alcoholism, immorality and weak characters can be seen everywhere because of the backlash after WWII. The characters Stanley, Blanch and Stella are the perfect examples of these. But in my life, I have not encountered anyone who has such character traits. I am living in a situation which is completely the opposite of this play, and I don’t understand anything they are experiencing. The people around me are not part of Tennessee Williams’ world.

Frye says “education is something that affects the whole person.” This particular play does not affect me because the events that happen in the play are not truly universal events, and the play is also not about searching for any identity I can understand. The play does not provide enough of a basis for me to imagine, that is why it does not give me any education or knowledge.

I’ll have the teacher’s head on a platter if this essay gets dismissed.  There is no purpose to teaching if we do not learn from what our students teach us.

2 responses to “Now that exams are finished…

  1. I think it is brilliant too, and insightful and brave. I’d have never had the nerve to write something like that when I was in school. Can’t wait to hear what the response is.


  2. She finally came back from vacation, and sent me a message saying that the teacher had no comments (at least, none the student was privy to), but that she pulled off an 80% in the class, which is the best she’s ever done in English. I’m proud of her. I’d like to think this paragraph was responsible for a lot of that 80%, but it was only worth 2 marks…


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