The Proper Way To Do This…

Eighty percent of English is supposedly comprised of nouns.  Many other languages are verb-heavy, and not so hot on the nouns; to each their own.

It would make sense to begin learning English by learning nouns, then, wouldn’t it?  Even if your first language was learned by beginning with verbs? Everyone who has learned English in my presence, regardless of age or other languages, has begun with nouns; verbs came later; grammar was slowly acquired with no deliberate effort.

In China, they teach English by beginning with verbs.  This was explained to me as if this is The Proper Way to do things.

In my opinion, the origins of Chinglish are now explained.

While we could spin the Linguists in circles arguing The Proper Way to do things, I can only argue this: my students need to communicate with me. I speak English (no verb-oriented languages), and will likely only understand a mangled sentence if it’s noun-oriented.  I can correct a mangled, noun-oriented sentence.  I cannot correct a mangled, verb-oriented sentence if I have no idea who or what the subject might be.

Let’s call English a teacher/student-oriented language.  Doesn’t matter what The Proper Way might be, the only relevant things are the teacher and the student (in no particular order).

Makes life simple for me.

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