Auf wiedersehen, adieu

A drawback to the semester system is that I lose my tutored students fairly quickly: this generally isn’t a long-term investment in the student’s education.

So long, my favourite triplets.

Bob, I am not worried about.  He is articulate, and fairly capable in writing.  Once he understood the elements of essay writing, he pretty much took off on his own flight.  He has a few grammar problems, but nothing which will bring his mark down drastically.

Salaam will never understand why people use words, much less use them to do something ridiculous like analyse literature, but he can at least get his point across in an essay now.  His final essay is short, straight to the point, and formulaic.  He will get his 80% in order to get into university, and will celebrate well when he finishes his last English class.  While I sympathise with his frustration (I can’t imagine having to take, say, four years of physics classes), it’s temporary, and he will survive.

Walaikum….  My maternal instincts are telling me to bundle him into a Snugli and keep him there until he’s finished high school.  The boy hasn’t slept in weeks, and is ranting because his last assignment was marked out of 10, and he only got a 9: this means his mark was only 90%.  We had a little chat about relativity and perspective; I got nowhere.  We had a little chat about relaxing, which almost got me nowhere until I pointed out he wouldn’t do his best if he was deprived of sleep and food.  He explained he was doing this because his father expected perfection, but I also know Walaikum expects the same perfection of himself.  He wouldn’t be happy in the Snugli.

This is going down in my journal for  posterity, as no one will likely believe one of the most formative moments in my career was watching three fledgling engineers read a book.

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