A+ for effort

It’s that time of year where my students either sink or swim.  On average, they swim… with a floatie, of course.

Yesterday, one of my grade 12 students sat down in his chair and gave me the Cheshire Cat grin of the century.  He’s discovered how to make English interesting: he compared Abigail Williams to a condom, because she appears to be protective but she’s actually pretty unreliable; his I.S.U. explores prostitution in literature; his journal entry is a story about a couple attempting to conceive a child.  The other students were highly intrigued.  We may see a trend starting here….

A grade 9 student, who has never voluntarily read a book (and never actually read an entire book for school, either) has read 129 pages of Twilight in three days.  Cute, sparkly vampires promote literacy.

Sinking is merely a matter of perspective; Walaikum was moved, almost to tears, when he showed me the ridiculous, pathetic mark of 95% he received on his last essay.  Salaam snorted.

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